How to Clean Your Single Serve Coffee Maker Machine

Who doesn’t love coffee? In fact, coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages across the globe. It comes with plenty of flavors that are targeted to specific segments of customers. Some of the most common flavors of coffee you can find around are espresso, latte, cappuccino, Frappuccino, regular black coffee, iced coffee, regular cream and sugar coffee and double espresso.

The love for coffee drives a lot of people to find a permanent solution about satisfying their craving. You can’t always go out to have coffee at the nearby coffee stores. It is inconvenient too. This calls for having your own coffee machine at home. Basically, the idea behind this is to be able to make coffee whenever you feel like having some.

Now, the domestic coffee maker is a product category but there are plenty of subcategories that branch out of this. Out of all, single serve coffee makers are the most loved around the globe. And why wouldn’t it be? The machine does not have to brew a full pot and just produces a fresh cup of coffee, quickly.

However, as you might notice, it is sounding too sweet to be true. Everything comes with some baggage, some maintenance. The coffee maker that you would buy or might already have is after all a machine. It needs regular cleaning so that it can deliver that perfect cup of coffee to you. And if you are too lazy to clean your coffee maker, then you’d soon not be happy with what you will be drinking. The importance of having a clean coffee maker machine can’t be stressed enough.

Tip 1: A Coffee Pod Is Best Used Only Once

It is true that if your coffee machine is not maintained properly, it will not reward you with the best coffee. Therefore, you must be aware of how to clean your single serve coffee maker machine. Let us first understand the signs indicating the need for you to draw your attention to the coffee maker:

  1. Your coffee isn’t tasting good anymore
  2. The machine is taking longer to brew your coffee
  3. It’s making more noise/sound than it normally used to
  4. It is not brewing coffee, but only making noise
  5. It is expelling coffee everywhere

These signs must attract your immediate attention to the coffee maker. If you ignore it, your dear machine would soon start ignoring you too. Thus, here is how you can take care of your coffee maker and pamper it to deliver great coffee to you every time:

1. Start with the Coffee Basket

Most coffee makers contain a basket that houses the coffee beans. The size of the same may differ according to how big or small your machine is, but the concept is to first take care of this cabinet. Dump the entire coffee and grounds that was inside the basket and brush it. Simply, ensure that there is nothing in there.

2. Next, move to the water reservoir

The next section of the coffee maker that needs your intervention would be the water reservoir. This is the section that generally develops deposits over time that interfere with the taste of your coffee. So, the idea must be to clean this section properly.

Tip 2: Usage of Vinegar Helps in Cleaning Your Machine Better

If you fill the water reservoir section with ½ white vinegar and ½ water, together these two liquids would remove any buildup and limescale on the inside of the reservoir.

After this, turn on the coffee maker machine as if you were to make coffee. When the cycle gets completed, pour hot vinegar/water into the reservoir and rerun the cycle.

Once the second cycle is also done with, empty the tank and wash it in hot soapy water. Doing this would remove any stains and brown film. Similarly, washing the basket we talked about earlier is also a good practice. If you do not have anything to clean it with, consider using some old toothbrush. Most experts suggest being gentle with your machine while cleaning it, otherwise, you might damage the delicate parts or even break it.

Your goal should be to clean the entire reservoir and coffee box properly since that is forming the majority section of your coffee maker machine.

3. Prepare the machine for operation again

Once the cleaning is done, fill the water box with clean water and run it. Redo this cycle with fresh water at least twice to ensure all the vinegar is out of the system.
Tab the water spots on the exterior of the machine using a clean cloth and buff dry if necessary. This would perfectly prepare your coffee machine to again start delivery great coffee.

Tip 3: Change the Water Inside The Water Reservoir on a Daily Basis

It is good that you have your very own coffee maker machine at your disposal. The independence and convenience of getting a good cup of coffee whenever you want to is unparalleled to any other satisfaction in this world. However, the practice of not paying attention to the machine can bring to you a lot of harm.

Instead, investing some time in the machine to cleanse it can literally be very rewarding. While your hygiene would be maintained naturally, you will also continue to get perfect coffee day after day.

FAQs Section:

How often should you do this exercise?

Ideally, if you desire to have proper hygiene maintained within your coffee maker machine clean the pots and baskets on a daily basis. However, the overall machine must be cleaned once a month.

Is there any other alternative to using vinegar as a cleaning agent?

Vinegar is a very good cleaning liquid but some machines do not allow the vinegar to descale. This may be due to the water reservoir and the type of machine you are dealing with. In such situations, the user manual would be your best bet. Look for directions on cleaning your machine as it would have a product-specific cleaning process. Also, you can try other solutions available in the market, since some of them are even all natural.…